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US Acrylic

US Acrylic



About this item

  • Elevate your drinkware collection with our American-made 8-piece set that includes four 12 ounce glasses and four 16 ounce glasses. Made from high-quality plastic material that’s free of harmful chemicals, our cups provide a reliable option for you and your party guests.
  • These cups feature a smooth top edge for easy sipping and a thick base that provides a glass-like appearance, making them both comfortable and stylish. This design will add an updated look to your kitchen aesthetic.
  • Think outside the house- This Classic plastic glass set is a great addition to any college dorm room, first apartment, rv, and camper. Consider adding these as a wedding registry gift for a new household.
  • Stock your home bar for cocktail hour or prepare for breakfast, brunch, and dinner with this selection of highball and rocks tumblers. Entertain outdoors at the patio, pool, or hot tub with these durable and shatterproof pieces.
  • The 12oz cup (3.25″ diameter x 3.75″ tall) and 16oz cup (3.00″ diameter x 6.13″ tall) are versatile and suitable for any drinkware need.


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