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Umbra Tug Paper

Umbra Tug Paper



About this item

  • Modern & Elegant: Tug is a modern stand up paper towel holder with smooth, elegant lines and available in a variety of modern finishes
  • Patented Design: The secret behind Tug’s patented design is its curved rubber spine which secures the core of your paper towel roll so you get an easy one-handed tear every time
  • Easy To Load & Use: Slide any standard size paper towel roll onto the spine of Tug then once you pull out the piece of paper towel you want, give a firm ‘tug’ from the top down to tear the sheet away
  • Weighted Base For Added Stability: Tug features a weighted base to ensures it stays firmly in place
  • Original Design & Satisfaction Guaranteed: Our team of international designers brings thought, creativity and original design to everyday items. Umbra products are made to last using high quality materials and we back that with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & a 5-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty. Don’t be fooled by copy-cat products. Choose Umbra and get the original


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