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Tangkula Lift

Tangkula Lift




About this item

  • ☕【Easy Lifting with Two Side Spring】Designed with the lifting table top, this coffee table will be more functional and practical. Two-side metal lifting mechanism provides a powerful support that ensures a strong load capacity.
  • 🍪【Space Saver】A hidden compartment beneath the top is designed to store your often-used items like magazines, chess, remotes, game controllers and so on, keeping them handy and away from dirt. Three separated lower open shelves can hold blankets, snacks.
  • ☕【Large Capacity with 3-Layer Design】This coffee table provides large storage space of 3 layers, for which you are able to place items by category. Featuring the middle storage of secretive design, it can be regarded as a safe deposit box to store valuables.
  • 🍰【Balance Fun & Versatility】With its clean lines and contemporary flair, it will bring long-lasting character and charm to your living space through its timeless appearance.
  • ☕【Wide Application with Modern Appearance】With simple design of whole body brown, this cocktail table shows unique temperament. It is easy to match the room of all styles and will enhance the overall taste of the room. Besides, its compact stature will make it a perfect addition to the house of small unit.


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